hello and welcome

me by me with some maja assistance  got this little top from miss crofton little shout out
Today I walked to Harajuku! It took me one hour and 30 mins. It was really easy too, I just had to follow Meiji Dori. This means if I ever miss the last train when I am in Shibuya/Harajuku/Shinjuku, I know how to get home by foot! Also I bought some stuff. I keep buying tops when what I actually need are skirts and shorts…
I got my books whee (●^o^●)
All the teachers were in the office. Japanese working hours are insane… my classmate works 12 hour shifts every weekend holy shit. i remember those days i worked 11 hours this winter, i was exhausted to the point where i would start crying over nothing.
So i just finished tidying my desk and put out snacks and 100% ready to do my homework when I FORGOT MY BOOKS AT SCHOOL fffuckkk i am going to go back and see if its locked but honestly i’ll feel so sorry for the teachers if they are at work now its six pm on a friday..



@marianette said: I wanted to go but I had work T___T how was it? Did you have to wait long?

no, actually it was done really quickly. we came about 20 mins before the live started, bought the cd and got the handshake ticket and went down to the stalls in front of the stage. there was still…

Thanks for the details!!! It sounds very interesting. Good that you are so tall XD I always wear heels in this kind of events because I am only 1,61cm
Kyary looks very soft… I am sure that instead of blood she has strawberry syrup, her bones are mashmellows and her muscles are cotton candy XD

Hahaha yes she probably has! She is so cute to the point where its almost too much. Maybe i will also wear heels next time, i will be 180 cm tall and tower over all the japanese men in the audience ww


other things that happened yesterday:
helen and i went to ikebukuro and four p cute japanese guys tried hitting on us or whatever and we were like yeah sure lets hang out! they were drunk but they seemed fun so we were up for playing with them or whatever. so they bought vodka and stuff at a conbini and explained that izakayas are expensive.. which was okay. . but then they wanted to go to a hotel and we were like IKANAI dame desu no no and everything turned extremely awkward after that.  … 

except for this one guy who was so ridiculously drunk he was constantly talking about how he was a samurai with super powers and how his obviously dyed hair was all natural. he was too drunk to sense the awkwardness.